Dr. Zelal M.Haytham


Dr.Zelal M.Haytham Bawaddikji

Bachelors Degree in Medicine & surgery in Jourdan University of Science and Technology.
Spend one year Internship in Aleppo Syria.
Trained in Obstetric and Gynecology from King Abdulla Hospital Jourdan.
Got Arab Board in Obstetric and Gynecology  from Aleppo 2011.
Trained in International Centers for Reproductive Medicine
Expert in Laprascopic Surjerues from Resala Hospital Allepo.

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The Gynecology department provides high-quality care in the field of women’s health and offers a wide scope of services that address each phase a woman experiences throughout her lifetime, from pre-reproductive care through to the child-bearing and post-menopausal years.

Gynecology in Dubai:

Gynecology is a medical procedure treating the health and wellness of the women reproductive systems (vagina, ovaries and uterus) and the breasts in all ages.

Actually, beyond medical science, it indicates “the science of women”. Its equivalent is andrology, which handles medical problems particular to the men reproductive system.


  • Treatment of infertility issues.
  • Management of menstrual irregularity and obesity.
  • Treatment of Hirsutism (abnormal hair growth).
  • Cervical & Breast Cancer screening.
  • Surgical removal of Uterine & Ovarian tumours.
  • Antenatal Care (Normal & High Risk Pregnancy).
  • Ultrasonography (Colour, Doppler 3D).
  • Plastic Surgery for vaginal repair.


Gynecology and Obstetrics :

The Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology at SAMA Santé Medical Center is committed to fulfilling the distinct and improving medical requirements of females of any ages.

Out of breast disease, infertility to urogynecology, minimally invasive procedures and gynecologic cancer, our staff is specialist in collaborated and supporting procedure of the issues that influence women’s daily lives.

In Obstetrics we deliver overall ante-natal attention, with collaborated and designed plans involving routine obstetric ultrasound scans (3D and 4D).

We ensure ultimate pleasant, even elegant atmosphere for the delivery in private well equipped rooms, along with special personalized care.

The whole staff of expert Doctors and Nurses has a single goal; to ensure the leading in a warm and family-focused environment.

Best Gynecologists in Dubai:

Gynecologists should talk enough time to patient asking about past obstetrical, surgical , and manse history plus, present complaint , then do examination to all body parts in order to give proper diagnosis and reaching to the exact therapy.

Mostly all trendy gynecologists are likewise obstetricians. In several areas, the specialized of gynecology and obstetrics lap over.

Our Spots of Quality include:

  1. All gynecological indicative treatments (including hysteroscopy and colposcopy).
  2. Medical treatment of menstrual cases.
  3. Menopause management.
  4. Tubal ligation.
  5. Laparoscopic symptomatic and operative procedures (in collaboration with Surgery Department).
  6. Hormone assays and nuchal translucency in early pregnancy (fetal abnormalities ruling-out).
  7. Control of high-risk deliveries and/or pregnancies.
  8. Pain-free delivery (Epidural Anaesthesia).
  9. Caesarean Segment.


Our Target:

Our target is to take full care of the entire patient, with special focus on the female reproductive system, involving regular major and preventive care, delivery and pregnancy, menopause, and medical or surgical management of all gynecological issues.

Gynecology Division at SAMA Santé Medical Center specialists feature a complete range of general gynecologic solutions for females, through annual assessments and screenings to exceptionally specialized treatments. Standard gynecologic issues involve unusual bleeding, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, control of bladder loss, pelvic floor disorders, issues with contraceptive counseling and pelvic support.


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Treatment table, female patient in background
Pregnant woman




Best Gynaecologist in Dubai

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